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Major Auctions in Japan

There are eight (8) major auctions in Japan in all 47 prefectures (i.e. districts). Most of the vehicles you buy come from these auctions. USS is the largest auctioning group in Japan over 55,000 vehicles every week and they have more than 18 auction halls throughout Japan.

Japan Auctions Locations

  1. Hokkaido Area auctions – USS/Sapporo, JU/ Sapporo
  2. Kanto Area auctions – USS/Tokyo, USS/Tokyo West, USS/Gunma, Honda-AA/Tokyo, JU/Tokyo, JU/Saitama, CAA/Tokyo, BCN, ZIP-AA/Tokyo, JU/Ibaraki, Arai-AA/Koyama, Toyota-AA/Kanto, JU/Gunma, JU/Kanagawa, Nissan-AA/Tokyo, JU/Chiba, Arai-AA/Bay-Side, JU/Tochigi, Earth-AA, RAA, Arai-AA/VT, IAA
  3. Chubu Area auctions – USS/Nagoya, USS/Shizuoka, Honda-AA/Nagoya, JU/Shizuoka, NASA, CAA/Chubu, JU/Aichi, Toyota-AA/Chubu, Nissan-AA/Nagoya, JU/Gifu
  4. Shikoku Area auctions – LAA
  5. Kyushu Area auctions – USS/Fukuoka, USS/Kyushu Gold, Honda-AA/Fukuoka, Toyota-AA/Kyushu, KC-AA/Ebino, Arai-AA/Fukuoka, JU/Fukuoka
  6. Chugoku Area auctions – USS/Okayama, JU/Hiroshima, JU/Okayama
  7. Kansai Area auctions – USS/Osaka, Nissan-AA/Osaka, ZIP-AA/Osaka, Hyogo AA, Honda-AA/Kansai, Tokyo-AA/Kinki, Bay-Oak, Hanaten
  8. Tohoku Area auctions – USS/Tohoku, JU/Fukushima, JU/Miyagi, Arai-AA/Sendai

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