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5 Bad Habits That Hurt Your Manual Transmission

| Car Maintenance | July 30, 2016

5 Bad Habits That Hurt Your Manual Transmission

When it comes to rules in this world, there are technicalities that nobody really pays attention to and there are hard and fast lines that you just don’t cross.

And here are the 5 things “You Should Never Do In A Manual Transmission Vehicle”

  1. Resting your hand on the gear shift.
  2. Leaving transmission in gear at a stoplight or stop sign.
  3. Feathering clutch to hold position on a hill.
  4. Don’t apply a lot of throttle when you’re not at a high engine RPM.
  5. Rest your foot on the clutch pedal.

In a Nissan 370Z with some spare clutch parts at hand, the gentleman goes on to explain exactly why each of these isn’t good for the clutch or the car. All of what he says is technically true, but things like “don’t rest your hand on the gear shift” isn’t one of those things that will hurt your vehicle unless you’re reallllly exaggerating your hold. The advice not to feather the clutch on a hill, rest your foot on the clutch, or leave it in gear at a light is all solid. Don’t do those things.

What do you guys think? Any other important manual transmission no-nos?

(Source: Rennlist.com)