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Tesla is our ally, says Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

| EVs, Nissan, Tesla Motors | July 1, 2015

Tesla is our ally, says Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told the press that “Tesla is not our rival – it is an ally.” How could that be? Aren’t they competitors in the electric car market?

Not really, explains Ghosn. Tesla is starting at the premium end of the market and working its way down. Renault and Nissan are at the bottom of the market, the place where car sales are measured in the millions, not thousands. So the two are not competitors, at least not yet. The Tesla Model S P85D is worlds apart from the Renault Twizy (A very small car classified as a heavy quadricycle under European law), which comes without doors unless you choose them from the options list.

Tesla is doing one thing that helps Renault and Nissan, though. It is creating buzz about electric cars and that’s a good thing for all electric car makers, thinks Ghosn. “We’re happy that other people are going premium – it shows EVs are versatile, and exciting.” Meanwhile, Nissan has the LEAF, the best selling electric car in the world. In Europe, Renault offers the all electric ZOE and Kangoo.

“We’re going for the heart of the market,” Ghosn says. “That’s where there are volume sales. We need to sell what we have developed, and sell it well. That’s already going well for us – our EV sales are up 72 per cent in the year to May 2015, and we have a 95-98 per cent customer satisfaction rating for Kangoo and ZOE.”

The heart of the market may get a boost shortly, as a new Nissan LEAF with greatly extended range is rumored. Ghosn told the press in Japan recently, “We foresee the day when you leave your home with a full charge, and are able to go about your day with no concerns; then return home with ample charge.”

Range will be the biggest battlefield for competing electric cars in the very near future. Tesla is readying its Model III, which is expected to have a range of 200 miles and sell for $35,000. It is due out in 2018. Nissan is expected to introduce its second generation LEAF in 2017. It is now expected to have more than 200 mile range. With its larger battery, it will probably sell for…..$35,000.

(Source: Globalsuzuki.com/)